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August 25 2014


Care and Maintenance of Vacuum Cleaners

Just like other equipment, the vacuum cleaner requires regular care and maintenance to work at its optimal level. It is a basic fundamental issue that is commonly ignored by the users. Most of the consumers purchase the vacuum cleaner thinking that it can work without the need of good maintenance. Poor maintenance can decrease the longevity of your vacuum cleaner and incur more costs for your repair as well as replacement of parts. If you are guilty of poor maintenance of your vacuum cleaner, here are some simple tips for simple vacuum cleaner maintenance.

For vacuum cleaners that are equipped with bags, it is crucial to check the bag regularly and replace it when it if full of debris and dust. When the vacuum bag is full, the machine must work harder as the air has to go through all the accumulated debris. When your vacuum cleaner starts to miss out on the debris on the floor, it might be an indication that the bag of the vacuum cleaner is full.

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Another basic maintenance is the change of belt in the vacuum cleaner. The role of the belt is to connect the brush roll to the motor. When there is poor traction, the motor does not turn well on the brush roll. As a result, the vacuum cleaner does not perform to its fullest potential. Since the belt is generally made of rubber, it is advisable for one to change the belt within three months of regular usage.

The brush roll that is commonly found in vacuum cleaners for carpets must also be included in your routine maintenance and up-keep. Check the brush roll each time you use the vacuum cleaner. When there is a lot of trapped debris on the brush roll, it may destroy the material surface that you are cleaning.

Different vacuum cleaners have varied maintenance and care methods. Check out the vacuum cleaners ratings before you make the purchase as some models can be harder to maintain than the rest. A good vacuum cleaner like DC40 Dyson requires minimal maintenance. When in doubt, seek the help of professional experts in this area to advise you on the best type of vacuum cleaner for your needs.
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